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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the FOC of an arrow?

The formula to calculate an arrow’s FOC is: 100 x (Balance Point measurement [A] – Arrow Length [L]) / 2. To use this formula, you will first need to measure the arrow’s overall length as well as finding the balance point measurement.

What does FOC mean in archery?

F.O.C. Arrow Calculator – Podium Archery F.O.C. stands for Forward of Center balance point. This measurement results from the relative weights of the components used in the arrow: shaft, insert, head, fletching and nock. In our opinion, a properly balanced arrow is a measurement between 10 to 15%.

What is FOC in physics?

“FOC” stands for Front-Of-Center (Or Forward-Of-Center) and refers to the percentage of an arrow’s overall weight that is forward of the balancing point, or, “center” of the arrow. Kinetic Energy Calculator (momentum too!) You might like the FOC calculator but also want to learn how to calculate FOC using a formula.

How do you measure the center of balance of an arrow?

The more weight that is located in the front half of the arrow, the more forward is the arrow’s center-of-balance. The best method of measurement is an arrow FOC calculator. Having the proper FOC (use an arrow FOC calculator) is critical when bowhunting game that might require shots are extended distances.

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