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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Biden's tax plan increase the estate tax rate?

Currently, there is a 40% estate tax for asset value above $11.58 million. The Biden plan proposes to increase the tax rate to 45% and, more importantly, reduces the exemption from $11.58 million to $3.5 million. Again I believe that this change will not be able to pass Congress.

What is the estate tax exemption for 2021?

For 2021, the federal estate tax exemption is $11.7 million per person. It’s set to drop back to $5 million per person with inflation adjustments in 2026. But President-elect Joseph Biden has called for the federal estate tax to revert back to its 2009 level: $3.5 million per person.

How much is Connecticut’s estate tax for 2021?

Connecticut’s estate tax was set at $2 million for more than a decade, but the Nutmeg State has been phasing in higher exemption levels since 2018. For 2021, the exemption amount is $7.1 million, up from $5.1 million in 2020.

What is the estate tax levy in DC 2021?

Already the District of Columbia has toughened its estate tax levy, effective January 1, 2021. In August, Mayor Muriel Bowser signed the “Estate Tax Adjustment Act” reducing the exemption from $5.67 million in 2020 to $4 million for individuals who die on or after January 1, 2021.

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