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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ford Mach-E a Mustang?

The Mach-E is clearly a member of the Mustang family with its recognizable front and rear lights, plus the complete lack of Ford badging anywhere on the vehicle. You can’t criticize Ford for not going all-in on the Mustangification of the Mach-E, even if that means bypassers unfamiliar with the galloping horse logo ask what on Earth it is.

How does the Ford Mach-e compare to other EVs?

The Mach-E's platform features a battery in the floor and single- or dual-motor configuration. Like all modern Fords, the Mach-E is agile – again, more so than you might expect – and with steering that is precise but, as with most EVs, devoid of feedback.

Is the Ford Mach-E a good family car?

With the weight of the battery down low, the car exhibits minimal body roll and gives its driver the confidence to hustle it smartly along country roads. It’s not a sports car (sorry, Mustang fans), but the Mach-E is still an entertaining thing to drive and realistically as quick any any family-friend crossover need be.

Does the Ford Mach-E have navigation?

And Ford’s Sync4A infotainment system is standard on Mach-E, which includes navigation. The Mach-E is larger than one might think. The 5-passenger SUV rides on a wheelbase that’s more than 5 inches longer than a Ford Escape, and yet it’s about 3 inches shorter overall. That translates into a roomy interior.

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