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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Un Français and Une française?

Correct Usage and Their Meanings. Un Français = a Frenchman. Une Française = a French woman. Les Français = the French people, the French OR Frenchmen. Les Françaises = French woman. Le Français n'aime pas... = The average Frenchman or French person doesn't like ... Le français = the French language.

What does faire du français mean?

faire du français (...en s'amusant, ... en maternelle, etc) = to do French or the French way ( having fun, nursery school, etc.)

What does the Institut Français do?

With the support of its cultural network and its many partners around the world, the Institut français has committed to nine projects that demonstrate a feeling of belonging to a shared European cultural identity. They are fresh, free and diverse.

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