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Frequently Asked Questions

What temp should my PC be running at?

You can approximate the average temperature a given CPU should run at based on the maximum operating temperature. CPUs fluctuate between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius (36 to 54 Fahrenheit) in normal use between idle and full-load.

What is the best temperature for PC?

Most kinds of electronic devices are not designed to function in temperatures above a certain point, though that point can vary from around 122°F to 176°F (about 50°C to 80°C). The optimal temperature range for a computer is from around 60°F to 75°F (about 15°C to 24°C), similar to what is most comfortable for people.

How to check your PC's CPU temperature?

How to Check Your Computer's CPU Temperature Monitor CPU temp with software. Now that we've covered the BIOS/UEFI method, you may appreciate the potential benefits... Third-party software recommendations. There are many options out there and lots of resources you can use to compare... Conclusion: Check your CPU temp regularly. With easy options for free CPU temperature monitoring, it's the perfect time... See More....

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