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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “I work Fridays” mean?

Fridays (ending with an s) usually implies that the action or event is a regular occurrence, such as one that happens according to a schedule. For example, saying, “I work Fridays ” means that you work every Friday. In contrast, saying, “I work on Friday” or “I work Friday” typically means that you are scheduled to work on the upcoming Friday.

What happens at the end of Fridays?

At the end of each episode, we see close-ups of actual snapshots of the entire production crew, with a hand guiding us through the photos. The episodes went into syndication in the late 1980s and were edited down to 60 minutes. Fridays was a great show!

How do you use the word Fridays?

The word Fridays can be used as an adverb meaning every Friday or on Fridays, as in I work Fridays or The shop is closed Fridays. Fridays is of course also the plural of Friday, the name of the weekday between Thursday and Saturday. When it’s used as an adverb, Fridays describes when something happens or when an action is taken.

When did Fridays start and end on ABC?

Fridays (TV series) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Fridays is a late-night live comedy show that aired on ABC on Friday nights from April 11, 1980 to April 23, 1982.

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