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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sickle bar mower?

This sickle mower is available with a manual lift, or a hydraulic lift, and can make mowing in dangerous places much safer. The simple design is built sturdy, so you should have many trouble free years of mowing ahead with a top notch sickle bar mower.

What is the serial number of a mf41 sickle bar mower?

Massey Ferguson MF41 Sickle Bar Mower Stock# 8587 Massey Ferguson MF41 sickle bar mower with a 7' cut, 540 PTO, 3 point hitch, and the complete PTO shaft. Serial number 238064862.Express Financing Ge... See all seller comments This New Holland 451 (7'cut) is ready to work.

Will a sickle mower fit a small tractor?

There's now so many of these sub-compact tractors and small tractors that were here, that they've actually designed a sickle mower to fit specifically this sub-compact tractors and small tractors. So even though it will fit a small tractor when you get into the sub-compact tractor, it really takes some special stuff back here.

What is a New Holland sicklebar mower?

Take the effort out of basic cutting chores with a rugged and reliable New Holland sicklebar mower. Both models—the mounted 451 and the pull-type 456—cut a smooth, fast swath through open fields and can make quick work of mowing around ponds, alongside buildings and down roadsides.

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