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Frequently Asked Questions

What is frontier Internet service in Connecticut?

Frontier Internet service in Connecticut is the connection you need to check your email, bank online or scroll through social media. Frontier bundles help you connect with the people who matter most. Bundle Frontier Internet with home phone service for a whole-home connection.

Why choose frontfrontier Internet?

Frontier is a leading Connecticut internet service provider (ISP). So don’t go it alone when you have a team right here and ready to help bundle Frontier Internet into a money saving Triple Play with Frontier TV and Phone! And we know about delivering great high-speed internet.

Where is frontfrontier available in Connecticut?

Frontier is available in these Connecticut cities: 1 Hartford, CT » 2 New Haven, CT » 3 Waterbury, CT » 4 Bridgeport, CT » 5 New London, CT » 6 Norwalk, CT » 7 Stamford, CT »

What is myfrontier?

YOUR WAY. myFRONTIER is where you can manage your account, Frontier preferences and memberships. You are automatically enrolled for an account when you sign up for FRONTIER Miles sm or Discount Den ® , and when you apply for the Frontier Airlines Mastercard ®.

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