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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frontier Communications number?

Phone Number of Frontier Communications is +1-877-486-5667 / 1-800-921-8104 / +1-203-614-5600 . Frontier Communications originally known as Frontier Communications Corporation is an American telecommunication company that was established mainly to serve the people living in rural areas, small and medium sized towns and cities of the United States.

What is frontier WiFi?

Frontier My Wi-Fi. A wireless hotspot is an area with a wireless signal that lets you connect to the Internet or any other available computer network. Local businesses often provide wireless Internet coverage to their customers through Frontier's network.

What is frontier broadband?

Frontier Simply Broadband Max. Frontier Simply Broadband Max is Frontier's most affordable internet plan. It gives you a fast, reliable high-speed connection. Simply Broadband Max offers download speeds up to 6 Mbps to do the things you like to do online. Shop, download music, share pictures, play games and more!

What is Frontier Telephone?

Frontier offers home phone service for local and long distance calling including customer favorite features such as Caller ID and call waiting. You won't mind the reliability and crystal-clear calls that Frontier's network provides. Get unlimited local calling and 30 minutes of domestic long-distance per month, plus popular calling features.

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