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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ftool and how does it work?

Ftool allows for quick structural prototyping through nigh-instantaneous and transparent structural analysis, easing an efficient interpretation of a models structural behavior. Includes multiple load cases, case combinations and envelopes, generic prismatic cross-sections, and custom startup properties, among other functionalities.

What's the difference between ftools and gtools?

The commands here are also faster than the commands provided by ftools; further, gtools commands take a mix of string and numeric variables, which is a limitation of ftools. (Note I could not get several parts of ftools working on the Linux server where I have access to Stata/MP; hence the IC benchmarks.)

Can ftools attach 3D text on entity?

FTools can’t attach 3D text on entity, but can be a cool feature to add FTools exports can be used in any resource you want, so by example you want to add a 3D text to indicate the hospital home, you can put it in your hospital script:

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