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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you access FTP files?

Mac OS X. If you use a Mac, you can access an FTP site directly from a Finder window. Press "Command-K" and then enter the FTP site address in the form OS X will open a new Finder window for the FTP site. You can drag files to and from the FTP site using this window.

What kind of files can be downloaded using FTP?

Any type of file can be downloaded via FTP. However, the files you download from an FTP site are usually compressed to save space and to reduce download times. The compression process usually turns the file into either a .zip file (PC) or a .sit file (Mac).

Is FTP the best method of file transfer?

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a popular way to transfer files to and from network devices. FTP is best for transferring large volumes of data, so it’s commonly used by website designers, programmers, and owners. A large downside of FTP connection is its lack of visibility, protection, and control over files in transit.

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