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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the working codes for Funky Friday?

Here are the working Funky Friday codes: 100M: 500 Points. 19DOLLAR: RickRoll Animation. New codes for Funky Friday will likely be coming soon, so check back often for updates.

How do you enter codes on Roblox Funky Friday?

To redeem codes in Funky Friday, start by launching it from the Roblox website or app. When you’re in the game, look at your screen’s top and tap on the blue Twitter icon. A window will pop up with a place to enter your codes.

What is funfunky Friday on Roblox?

Funky Friday is a beatbox battle game developed by Lyte Interactive on the Roblox gaming platform. It is one of the most popular games this month, breaking the 100 million visits milestone. The developers recently added promo codes into the game, which you can redeem for some cool cosmetics.

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