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Frequently Asked Questions

How many furnished apartments are in San Francisco?

San Francisco, CA has 1,076 furnished apartments available for rent. How much is rent for a furnished apartment in San Francisco, CA? You can expect to pay anywhere between $2,841 and $4,258 for a furnished apartment in San Francisco, CA.

Are furnished apartments in San Francisco move-in ready?

Now you can experience all of this by securing a furnished apartment in San Francisco and the Bay Area, with Blueground offering the best move-in ready options for the taking. Furnished apartment rentals in San Francisco.

How to find furnished listings in San Francisco?

With one of the largest platforms available, Nestpick helps you find the furnished listings in San Francisco to check all of your boxes – flexible leasing terms, turn-key accommodations, and monthly booking just to name a few. Hidden Gem! Furnished-- Near Caltrain and Downtown Presidio Paradise in San Francisco!

What is a furnished apartment?

Some furnished apartments may only consist of bare necessities such as a bed, dresser, couch, television, dining table and chairs, basic cookware and a lamp. Luxury furnished apartments contain additional amenities including a shower curtain, towels, sheets, dishes, silverware, electronics, decorative artwork, and more.

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