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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of magazine does the G43 come with?

Glock ships the G43 with a flush-fit 6-round magazine with a very slim baseplate, obviously made with concealability in mind.

What is the Glock 43?

The Glock 43, also known as the G43, is the latest innovation from Glock. Glock was made famous when novice gunmaker Gaston Glock produced the G17 pistol to fulfill an Austrian Army contract.

Is the Glock G43 the perfect subcompact handgun?

The G43 fulfills the ideal subcompact gun criteria on a number of fronts. The pistol is Glock’s first so-called “single-stack” subcompact handgun; while handguns with relatively small nine-millimeter bullets pack them into two narrow columns in the magazine, the G43 has only a single column of six bullets.

How big is the barrel on a G43?

Width, a key consideration for a gun that must be concealed on a person, is an remarkable 1.02 inches. The G43 has a barrel length of 3.39 inches, more more than half the length of the gun, and a loaded weight of 22.36 ounces, or less than a pound and a half.

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