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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Samsung Galaxy A51 cost?

Samsung's new A51 phone costs $400, has an on-display fingerprint sensor and four cameras. The 5G version of the phone costs $500. Starting at just $110, Samsung's low-priced Galaxy A series phones for the US, unveiled Wednesday, are more wallet-friendly for shoppers on a budget.

Is the Samsung Galaxy A51 coming in 2020?

Although phone releases have slowed down, the Galaxy A51 is one of at least 16 phones coming out in 2020. Samsung has also confirmed plans to make another foldable phone. First published on May 6.

How does the Galaxy A51 compare to the Galaxy se?

The Galaxy A51 lasted about 20 minutes longer than the SE in this test. The Galaxy A51 also stands its ground on the camera front in the typical ways that Samsung phones and iPhones compare: Galaxy photos are more saturated compared to the iPhone's more natural tones.

What is the battery life of the A51?

The A51's all-day battery life takes it from morning to night, and it lasted an average of 16 hours, 10 minutes after three looping video tests in airplane mode. I'll update this review with the results of our steaming lab tests over Wi-Fi when they're complete.

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