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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G worth buying?

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy A51 5G. Samsung Galaxy A51 5G is the smaller version of the A71 5G and has similar specs to the Galaxy S20 FE. So, if you are in the market for a Samsung phone and your choice is between A51 and S20 FE, then you should choose the Galaxy A51 5G.

What are the cons of Samsung Galaxy A51?

These are the cons of A51. At the start of this article, we said that Galaxy A51 has an AMOLED screen and praised it. However, the dynamic AMOLED screen has two drawbacks. One, AMOLED display loses its sharpness, crispiness, and vividness after a few years. The screen would look dull compared to a newly purchased A51 phone’s screen.

What devices can I control with my Samsung Galaxy A51?

Suppose you have Samsung devices such as a Samsung smart fridge, TV, oven, dishwasher, Air conditioner, Samsung washing machine, Samsung dryer, etc. in your home. In that case, you can control those devices using your Galaxy A51 with SmartThings and SmartView app.

How is the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A51?

The 4000mAh battery on our Galaxy A51 can comfortably last for an entire day. The fast charging is rather too conservative. 15W charging isn’t fast enough in the day and age and for the asking price Samsung’s 25W USB PD charger would have been more appropriate. The Galaxy A51 is a very adorable phone.

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