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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a game of Yatzy?

A game of yatzy involves throwing five dice with six sides, entering the resulting combination on the scorecard (when playing an online dice game, this is and electronic scorecard), and winning as many points as possible.

What is yatzee and Yazy?

Yatzy is also known as Yachty and Farkle in different countries. You can play Yazy with your virtual buddies with high level artificial intelligence. Do not hesitate to play Yatzee with your make-believe friends. They are virtual but this prevents wasting precious time for waiting for live opponents. This is a dice game of strategy and luck.

Can you download the yahtze dice game for free?

You can now download the yahtze dice game free. Yatzy Offline needs no wifi connection. YATZY is a board game with its original rules. Five dices with six sides and 15 sections to be filled in 15 rounds. It is a Scandinavian public domain dice game very similar to Poker Dice, Yacht, Generala and Cheerio.

Can you still play Yatzy online?

Although dice games over the years have evolved considerably, they managed to survive until modern times, and to develop as yatzy online on the screens of our internet devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Trying a version of yatzy online should save money in purchasing professional kits to play yatzy.

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