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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Sinking Ship Simulator for the Titanic?

Britannic Sinking Ship Simulator! – Britannic Gameplay Welcome aboard the HMHS Britannic, the sister ship to the RMS Titanic. Experience first-hand how the …

Is sinking simulator on Steam?

Sinking Simulator is now on Steam. It will release eventually, a few change will need to happen in order for the game to have better compatibility with the Steam UI, (Workshop integration and what not) The game won't be a Steam Exclusive*

What is Ship Simulator?

Ship Simulator is a ship navigation game by that you can play online and for free on Read your captain James’ orders and try to complete each and every task collecting all kinds of items and fuel on your way to increase your ship’s performance.

Why is the SIM of a sinking boat so popular?

Indeed, this genre is so popular because there are so many things we cannot (or even don’t want to) experience in our real lives. However, everything becomes possible in the digital world. This title is a sim of a sinking boat! Here you start with creating a ship for yourself and then you choose the way to make it go down on the bottom of an ocean.

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