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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to repair a garage door?

Garage Door Repair Prices By Material Steel - Steel garage door repair typically costs $100-$150. Aluminum - Repairing an aluminum garage door ranges from $170 to $289. Fiberglass - A fiberglass garage door will cost about $200 to repair the panels. Wood - Repairing a wood garage door is the most expensive at $400. A wood garage door is susceptible to rot and is very heavy.

How do you repair a garage door?

Here are some helpful repair tips: Step 1: Check the metal tracks inside the garage. Step 2: Check the tracks with a level to make sure they're properly aligned. Step 3: Clean the tracks with concentrated household cleaner to remove dirt and hardened grease. Step 5: Check for loose hardware, and tighten as needed.

How do you fix a garage door cable?

An issue with the cables could be as simple as the cables slipping off of the pulley system. Start by opening your garage door partway, until it is a few feet from the ground. Hold it in place with vice grips attached to the track on each side. Get on a ladder to get close to the top of the door where you can inspect the pulley system.

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