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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Gasthaus?

Definition of gasthaus : a German inn or tavern

What is a Gasthaus in Austria?

A typical Gasthaus in Austria. A Gasthaus (also called Gasthof, Landhaus, or Pension) is a German-style inn or tavern with a bar, a restaurant, banquet facilities and hotel rooms for rent. Gasthäuser are typically found in smaller towns and are often family-owned.

What is the Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter?

The Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter offers a full service bar with 12 imports on tap, cocktails, Happy Hour, apps and dining on the expanded ceder deck in the forest of pines. Our full service restaurant is ready to provide services to our guests using the all new Browns Creek Trail!

How to reach the Gasthaus?

Reach the Gasthaus by walking, biking, sking, snowshow, horseback, snowmobile, car, motor cycle and Helicopter!! All are welcome!!! Plan your Wedding, Holiday Party, Graduation, Retirement Party or Celebration with a taste of Bavaria.

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