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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use a Gator case?

Bottom line, Gator makes one heck of a product and we are proud to be using top notch protection for our guitars, drums, electronics, and everything else that makes our live show possible I absolutely love Gator cases. I use the TSA case for all my Music Man Silloette guitars.

How many microphones can fit in a Gator rack?

Gator Rackworks Rack Drawer; 14.2″ Deep; Lockable; Interior has Insert for 10 Microphones; 2U Gator Rackworks Rack Drawer; Lockable; Interior has Insert for 4 Wireless Microphone Systems & Accessories; New Compact Design; 2U

How many models of Gators and utility vehicles are there?

You can choose from more than fifty different models of Gators and Utility Vehicles below — a number that is always growing. Then, you can browse with ease, reassured that everything you see is designed to work with your vehicle of choice. GreenPartStore offers two more tools for aiding your search.

Is Gator a good brand?

Find the perfect fit. I have been a Gator user for years now. Pretty much all of my guitars are protected by Gator and they have been truly a roadworthy product and reliable since day 1. Gator was attentive to our recommendations from the International Performing Arts Aerosol Study [when designing their instrument bell covers and face masks].

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