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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Gatorade cost?

The Gatorade prices purely depends upon the Gatorade Bottle Sizes. For example, if you buy a 28×12 oz. Bottle, it will be around $12.99, whereas if you opt to buy a larger size, such as 35×16.9 oz. Gatorade Sizes bottle, it will be approximately $15.89. The Organic Gatorade will be around $1.99 only for a 16.9 oz. Bottle.

What does Gatorade do?

Gatorade® Cool Blue™ Sports Drink is scientifically proven to rehydrate lost fluids, replenish electrolytes lost in sweat, and refuel working muscles with carbohydrates. Crisp, refreshing flavour. This 6-pack of 591 mL bottles is specifically designed for athletes who want to be at their best in the gym, at practice, and in games.

Is Gatorade healthy for you?

Gatorade is a sport drink that is best when you are feeling sick or need to stay hydrated. When you drink Gatorade, it helps to improve your cognitive function andhydration. The drink is also great for restoring energy and reducing stress.

What is Gatorade made of?

Gatorade is made up of glycerol esters, which are long chains of carbon and hydrogen molecules. The most common glycerol ester is the water-soluble glycerol ester of lactic acid. Related Topics What Are The Best Chillies What Can You Use Liquid Smoke For

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