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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gatorade as good as water?

However, it does not contain sugar which is present in the other Gatorade drinks. Experts are of the opinion that sports drinks like Gatorade have electrolytes and carbohydrates that make it a better choice for hydration than water especially for athletes who engage in prolonged, vigorous physical activity.

How many bottles of Gatorade are sold daily?

How much Gatorade is sold each year? According to business reporter Darren Rovell, “More than 100 billion ounces of Gatorade are sold in the United States each year, which means that approximately 12.2 million bottles of Gatorade, or 142 bottles per second, are sold in America every day.”. Click to read in-depth answer.

How much does one bottle of Gatorade cost?

The Gatorade prices purely depends upon the Gatorade Bottle Sizes. For example, if you buy a 28×12 oz. Bottle, it will be around $12.99, whereas if you opt to buy a larger size, such as 35×16.9 oz. Gatorade Sizes bottle, it will be approximately $15.89. The Organic Gatorade will be around $1.99 only for a 16.9 oz. Bottle.

Are Gatorade bottles safe to reuse?

Reusing plastic and glass Gatorade bottles is one way to keep them out of landfills, but reusing them for drinking is not safe or sanitary. The type of plastic drink bottles are made from breaks down with heat and soap, resulting in harmful chemicals leeching into the liquids you refill them with.

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