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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gatorade as good as water?

However, it does not contain sugar which is present in the other Gatorade drinks. Experts are of the opinion that sports drinks like Gatorade have electrolytes and carbohydrates that make it a better choice for hydration than water especially for athletes who engage in prolonged, vigorous physical activity.

Should you drink water with Gatorade?

Drinking Gatorade after 30 minutes or more of intense exercise can help quickly replace water and electrolytes you lose by sweating. However, drinking water will do much of the same thing. Gatorade is not unhealthy, but it does have high amounts of sugar and salt.

How much does one bottle of Gatorade cost?

The Gatorade prices purely depends upon the Gatorade Bottle Sizes. For example, if you buy a 28×12 oz. Bottle, it will be around $12.99, whereas if you opt to buy a larger size, such as 35×16.9 oz. Gatorade Sizes bottle, it will be approximately $15.89. The Organic Gatorade will be around $1.99 only for a 16.9 oz. Bottle.

Is Gatorade still bottled in glass bottles?

The value of an old glass Gatorade bottle depends heavily on the condition and the age of the bottle. In 2014, such bottles have sold for around $10. Gatorade manufactured its sports drink in glass bottles from its first days of production in the 1960s until 1998, when it began using plastic bottles. With nearly 40 years of mass production, glass Gatorade bottles are found often enough, which lowers their value significantly.

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