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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cellular and data roaming on iPhone?

What Is The Difference Between Data Roaming and Mobile Data? Cellular Data. Mobile data allows you to connect to the internet in the absence of working WiFi. ... Roaming. Meanwhile, roaming works when you're out of your home network's coverage. ... Data Roaming On or Off iPhone. The steps for data roaming on or off iPhone are pretty straightforward. ... Data Roaming On or Off Android. ...

How many gigabytes does the iPhone 6 have?

Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will offer users more storage than ever before, topping out at a whopping 128 gigabytes of space on high-end models of its two new handsets. The entry-level...

What uses data on iPhone?

Cellular data on your iPhone and iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular model) is used for data communication in cellular networks. It doesn't affect your ability to make or receive phone calls or use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. You can temporarily turn off cellular data to prevent apps from using the cellular network to send or receive data.

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