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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GCIC do to support its users?

Customer Support: In addition to providing criminal justice information, GCIC conducts training for criminal justice and non-criminal justice users of criminal justice information. Training is conducted statewide on a continuing basis to help users recognize and solve problems before violations of the law and/or regulations occur.

What is Georgia career information center?

Georgia Career Information Center, through its Georgia Career Information System (GCIS), provides current and accurate occupational and educational information to schools and agencies throughout Georgia in order to help young people and adults make informed career choices.

What is the role of the GCIC director?

The GCIC Director also serves as the State Compact Officer for the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council, as well as the gubernatorial appointee to SEARCH. The GCIC Director serves as, or appoints, the Georgia representative to Nlets.

What is the GCIC Council responsible for in Georgia?

GCIC Council. The Georgia Board of Public Safety also serves as the GCIC Council responsible for providing assistance and guidance to GCIC. The Rules of the GCIC Council rest on the authority of federal law and rules as well as state laws and serve to provide additional detail regarding the administration of GCIC’s operations.

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