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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GCSS-Army training and certification system?

The GCSS-Army Training and Certification system (GTRAC) is the source for the most current GCSS-Army online training. It is very important that students begin by taking the Common Core courses followed by the Business Area Specific courses which pertain to their business area.

How many material master records can be created in GCSS-Army?

Up to three distinct Material Master Records can be created for each non standard item in GCSS-Army. The non standard item’s Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and Cage Code combination is used to create the initial Material Master Record for the non standard item.

What is Global Combat Support System-Army?

Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) is one program with two components. The first component, GCSS-Army Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution, is an automated information system that serves as the primary tactical logistics enabler supporting Army and joint transformation for sustainment.

What is the GCSS-Army Education Environment?

The GCSS-Army Education Environment consists of three key components that enable synchronized training across all training domains: a live training database, the uPerform training development tool, and an analytics dashboard.

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