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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using GCSS Army?

GCSS-Army is a key enabler to the Army Enterprise strategy of being financially auditable. A key benefit of GCSS-Army is its integrated financials, important since funding is most often a key component of mission success or failure. GCSS-Army is a key player in the Army's game plan to achieve financial transparency.

What is the Global Combat Support System?

The Global Combat Support System (GCSS) is a web-based automated logistics system, for use by U.S. Department of Defense logistics specialists. This tool aids the specialists as they plan, and provide for, the materiel requirements for combat support.

What is zPark GCSS Army?

[ ZPARK , which is similar to the shopping cart on a merchant's website, allows a user to validate financial status and supply requests .] Once users complete training, they are assigned financial roles by an access administrator so that they have the access and transaction codes needed for working in GCSS - Army .

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