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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Geant4 be used to visualize set-ups?

•  Geant4 can be used to visualize set-ups, tracks and other objects (e.g. axes, markers) •  A number of visualization drivers is available, each with its pros and cons •  Visualization can be controlled interactively or by macro, using Geant4 built-in commands •  Several adanced commands for specific visualization requirements are available Title

Is heprep just for Geant4?

4 November 2005 Introduction to Geant4 Visualization J. Perl 26 HepRep is Not Just for Geant4 and Not Just for WIRED The HepRep interface breaks the dependency between any particular experiment's event display server and any particular event display client. The HepRep format is independent of any one particular language or protocol.

How to Run/Run/Beamon in Geant4 visualization?

From next Geant4 release (Geant4.8.0), this command will be done for you automatically any time you do /vis/scene/add/trajectories. Run using the command /run/beamOn If you place a number after beamOn, the run will go for that man y events /run/beamOn 10 4 November 2005 Introduction to Geant4 Visualization J. Perl 64

What is the Geant4 compound command?

To allow you to work quickly, Geant4 visualization lets you issu e the equivalent of several common commands at one time by using a “compound command ”. Some of the commands you have already seen in this presentation are actually compound commands: /vis/open /vis/sceneHandler/create /vis/viewer/create

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