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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Geant4 source code free to download?

The Geant4 source code is freely available. See the licence conditions. before downloading or using this release. The patches below contain bug fixes to release 10.7, we suggest you to download and apply the latest patch for release 10.7 (see the additional notes for patch-02

How do I install a Geant4 patch?

To install the patch, the archive should be unpacked in the Geant4 installation area where the directory geant4.10.07 is placed, and kernel libraries must be recompiled from scratch. For instructions on how to unpack, see the notes above for the original source code.

How do I install Geant4 using Cmake?

On the command line, these options may be set by passing their name and value to the cmake command via -Dflags, for example. $ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/geant4 -DGEANT4_USE_GDML=ON /path/to/geant4.10.03. would configure the build of Geant4 for installation under /opt/geant4and compilation of support for GDML.

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