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Frequently Asked Questions

What is black slate GE Appliances?

It's an extension of the highly sought-after Slate finish family from GE Appliances. Designed to add distinction and durability to your home's kitchen and living spaces, Black Slate is versatile enough to match nearly any décor, yet striking enough to command just the right amount of attention.

Are GE Appliances made in the USA?

MADE IN AMERICA Many GE appliances are designed, engineered and built by thousands of employees in the U.S. When you buy a GE appliance, you're investing in the livelihood of these hardworking Americans.

Why choose slate appliances?

Slate Appliances complement your favorite cabinet and flooring finishes. Coordination is easy. Slate is an attractive, warmer, low-gloss finish that isn't disruptive to the flow of your kitchen.

Are Gege appliances ADA compliant?

GE Appliances offers an array of products for the home that meet the requirements for accessibility guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA Compliant Appliances. Read More. Less.

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