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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest press releases from GE?

The latest press releases from GE. Proficy Smart Factory from GE Digital Transforms Manufacturing Efficiency,… GE Boosts Servicing of Its Industry-Leading HA Gas Turbines with First Delivery… Florida Power & Light and GE Digital Launch State-of-the-Art Microgrid… GE Plans to Form Three Public Companies Focused on Growth Sectors of Aviation,…

What does GE Theater stand for?

General Electric Theater. An American anthology series, with a new episode and different actors and actresses each week. Hosted by Ronald Reagan, the series was sponsored by General Electric's Department of Public Relations.

Why Gege for the power sector?

GE knows that the power sector serves as a model for other industries around the world. We believe that lower-carbon solutions, such as renewable energy supported by gas power, can contribute to a more decarbonized energy future.

Why Gege gas turbine?

GE offers the industry’s most experienced gas turbine fleet in hydrogen and similar low-BTU fuel operations, with more than six million operating hours in decades of use across more than 75 gas turbines.

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