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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies are owned by General Electric?

GE Power. The former bedrock of this industrial giant, GE Power is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric and remains the largest business division, although it is currently on a sharp downward trajectory.

Is General Electric undervalued?

GE's Businesses Significantly Undervalued. General Electric ( GE) is now ground zero for one of the most spectacular destructions of wealth in corporate history. Due in large part to incompetent management, and a clear lack of vision, the world’s largest conglomerate has lost an astounding $445 billion in market value since 2000.

Does GE pay a dividend?

GE had slashed its dividend to a penny per share from 12 cents last year in an effort to preserve cash. That first 1-cent dividend was paid out on Jan. 25, 2019 to shareholders of record Dec. 20,...

Did GE reverse split?

GE effected a 1-for-8 reverse stock split on July 30, 2021. The split adjusted shares began trading on August 2 above $100, the company announced. The reverse split multiplied the price of the stock investors own by 8, but also reduced the number of shares they owned, by dividing the number by 8, MarketWatch reports.

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