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Frequently Asked Questions

Should we test for genetic mutations in DVT patients?

The reasons for their recommendation were that testing positive for the mutations did not help to predict the risk of having another DVT, there was no evidence to show that testing improved patient health outcomes, and testing brings with it additional costs.

What tests are used to diagnose DVT?

Screening Tests for DVT. Blood tests can determine whether there is an above-average level of clotting in a person's blood. For example, the activated protein-C resistance test looks for the factor V Leiden alteration. Other tests check for protein C and S levels.

What tests are used to rule out blood clots?

Tests used to diagnose or rule out a blood clot include: D-dimer blood test. D dimer is a type of protein produced by blood clots. Almost all people with severe DVT have increased blood levels of D dimer. A normal result on a D-dimer test often can help rule out PE. Duplex ultrasound.

What is the most common genetic cause of DVT?

Genetic Risks for DVT. Protein C deficiency. A protein-C gene abnormality, a rare hereditary disease affecting only about 0.2 percent of the general population, increases the likelihood of severe blood clotting throughout the body and can be a life-threatening condition. Protein S deficiency.

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