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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our Gingerade special?

The gingerade is packed to the brim with the available nutrients'health benefits in ginger and the organic spices! We brew the best drinks thatare a perfect combination of health and tasteful leisure. Balcktumbler bringsyou a premium drink brewed to treat aches, pains, digestive issues best naturalantioxidants, ginger!

What is Gingerade kombucha?

Drinking kombucha regularly strengthens the immune system due to the abundance of antioxidants in the drink. GT's Gingerade combines two of nature's superheroes: the healing power of GT’s Kombucha and the balancing and cleansing abilities of fresh-pressed ginger juice.

What is blacktumbler Gingerade?

BlackTumbler Gingerade beverage isbased on age-old proven health benefits of ginger! A treatment to aches,digestive issues and many other health concerns packed with home-brewed flavorsin our ginger drinks! Organic is healthfulness!

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