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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the repository limit for

Repositories should generally be no larger than 10GB. You can run git count-objects -vH in a command prompt, and look for the entry called "size-pack" to determine how large your repository is: In uncommon circumstances, repositories may be larger than 10GB.

What is GitHub and creating repository?

How to Create GitHub Repository? To create a GitHub repository, visit the GitHub website. Log in into your account. The landing page would be your dashboard. ... You will reach to the GitHub Repository creation page. ... Fill up the other options given on the page and press Create repository as shown. ... If you land on the following page after pressing the button, congrats!! ...

How did GitHub get started?

GitHub is nothing but a repository hosting service, started 24 February 2009. The Git project is the real origin of it, developed by one the best developers on the planet Linus Trovalds, the creator of the Linux Operating System.

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