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Frequently Asked Questions

What is goldrush getaways?

Since 1996, Goldrush Getaways has transformed the travel industry with its exclusive, award-winning, host-travel agency model. A full-service agency specializing in cruises, resorts, hotels, tours and vacation packages. Membership helps you become your own travel agent so you can earn commissions—and save thousands of dollars on your vacations!

Is goldrush still around?

The good news is that Goldrush survived and is still here supporting its member/agents just has we have for over 25 plus years. This is a testament of the value and service we provide as a full-service Host Travel Agency.

Is the complaint concerning goldrush getaways false?

The Complaint concerning Goldrush Getaways is false. The author of the "Complaint", Jeff has admittted that he is not a former employee of Goldrush Getaways. In fact he is a disgruntled former independent contractor, who claims that he is owed money by Goldrush Getaways. Jeff has no inside knowledge on the operations of Goldrush Getaways.

What happened to the goldrush gateways rip-off report?

On May 7, 2003, Judge Pendleton Gaines of the Maricopa County Superior Court quashed (invalidated) his earlier Order to remove the Goldrush Gateways Rip-Off Report on the grounds that the Court lacked jurisdiction over, LLC. Respond to this report! The Complaint concerning Goldrush Getaways is false.

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