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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run Chrome on Windows 10 s?

The Windows 10 S configuration locks it to the Edge browser. There are no other options for desktop browsers. That means Google Chrome, for example, won't run unless Google develops a Universal Windows Platform version of Chrome and submits it to the Store.

Can you run Chrome in s mode?

How To Launch Chrome In Safe Mode / Incognito Mode Open Run box by pressing Windows+ R keys together on your keyboard. In the text box, type in: chrome.exe -incognito Press Enter or click OK. Google Chrome will be launched in Incognito mode (Safe mode). Copy your current Chrome desktop shortcut and paste it somewhere else on the desktop. ...

Can you use Crome with Windows 10?

Most Chromebooks come with limited storage space and RAM, so you probably won't be able to run resource-intensive software like PC games. Nonetheless, you should be able to use any Windows 10 application provided your machine meets the minimum technical specifications.

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