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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chromecast with Google TV and how much does it cost?

To put it simply: $20 and a heck of a lot of apps. The Chromecast with Google TV makes Google's streaming device a lot more like the Fire TV sticks and Rokus it's always competed with.

How much does Xfinity internet cost?

Xfinity Internet Plans and Pricing Summary Plan name Download speed Monthly start price Xfinity Performance Starter 50 Mbps $30/mo Xfinity Performance 100 Mbps $35/mo Xfinity Blast! 400 Mbps $60/mo Xfinity Extreme Pro+ 800 Mbps $70/mo 2 more rows ...

What happened to the Google Chromecast app?

Unlike the original...Google has done away with the Chromecast app I was used to using in the Chrome browser and my tablet/smartphone. After a couple of hours of trying to get it to work...finally found updated directions on how to use the browser from the PC. After this...was watching some TV shows from my TV tuner card.

How much does Comcast digital starter cost per month?

After promo, or if any service is cancelled or downgraded, regular rates apply. Comcast’s monthly service charge for Digital Starter, ranges based on area, from $52.49 to $75.49 (subject to change). Service limited to a single outlet.

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