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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song in the new Google commercial?

Andrew's Song "Party Hard" Featured in New Google and Android TV Commercial. Andrew's song, "Party Hard," is the official music for the newest ad campaign from Google and Android. The song highlights the individuality yet collective spirit of play and fun and partying featured in the ad. Watch it in its entirety above or by clicking HERE.

How much does Google advertising cost?

Google Pay per Click Cost Estimates. They find that costs vary greatly from as little as $2 per click to over $50. Using this information, they can have a realistic idea of how far their monthly ad spend can go, or they can choose to be more strategic and use Google Ads only for lower cost keywords.

How do I advertise my website on Google?

Steps Get Google Analytics and study the statistics carefully. Submit your sites to popular websites such as Reddit, which has over 2 billion views per month. Make your website look professional. Target your site at an age group. Buy advertisement space on other websites. Stay dedicated. Keep adding content. Ask people to comment on posts.

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