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Frequently Asked Questions

How to count by month in Google Sheets?

You can use the function Countif to count by month in Google Sheets. Are you new to Countif? Must Read: Learn the complete Count related functions in Google Sheets.

What is the use of countif function in Google Sheets?

The COUNTIF function in Google Sheets is used to count the number of times a value is found in a selected data range that meets the specified criteria. It is basically a combination of the IF function and COUNT function.

What does the match function do in Google Sheets?

Here, the MATCH function tells you the number of the column that contains the search_key. Perhaps the most powerful use of MATCH in Google Sheets is when you use it in combination with the INDEX function, in order to look up values. But there’s already a VLOOKUP function in Google Sheets for that purpose, right?

How do you count with multiple criteria in Google Sheets?

Count in Google Sheets with multiple criteria – AND logic The only way I’d advise you to use here is with a special function that is designed to count by multiple criteria – COUNTIFS: =COUNTIFS (criteria_range1, criterion1, [criteria_range2, criterion2,...])

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