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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the countif function in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets immediately understands that we are going to enter a formula. As soon as you type the letter "C", it will prompt you to choose a function that begins with this letter. Select "COUNTIF". The first argument of COUNTIF is represented by the following range: D6:D16.

How do you count with multiple criteria in Google Sheets?

Count in Google Sheets with multiple criteria – AND logic The only way I’d advise you to use here is with a special function that is designed to count by multiple criteria – COUNTIFS: =COUNTIFS (criteria_range1, criterion1, [criteria_range2, criterion2,...])

How to use regex in Google Sheets with regular expression?

When you type in “=REGEXEXTRACT” in Google Sheets this is what the function requires: The “text” part is the cell where you have something to look for, and the “regular_expression” is the expression telling Regex what to look for. In our case, the formula would become: =REGEXEXTRACT (A3,”.* (great).*”)

How do I Count the number 40 in Google Sheets?

Fire up Google Sheets and open a spreadsheet with data you want to count. Click on an empty cell and type =COUNTIF(<range>,<criterion>) into the cell or the formula entry field, replacing <range> and <criterion> with the range of data to count and the pattern to test, respectively. It should look something like this: =COUNTIF(F2:I11,"<=40")

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