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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate Google Voice?

To begin with, open the applications tray.Locate the Google App and tap on it to open.On the Google App, tap on the three dots you will find on the bottom screen.Tap on the Settings Gear.Tap on VoiceTap on Voice match or “OK Google” detection feature.You will find a list of options to choose from. ...More items...

How to enable Google Voice Input?

Open the SettingsTap on System & updatesTap on Languages & inputEnable or disable Google voice typingConfirm with OK

What are the advantages of Google Voice?

Pros and ConsMy Google Voice calls come directly to my mobile phone and my computer.Text messages can be sent to my Google Voice number and are forwarded to me as email messages.Google Voice allows for direct client contact without a receptionist or assistant taking calls and relating messages.More items...

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