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Frequently Asked Questions

How big are gorillas compared to humans?

Size of hands and feet - larger in gorillas than in humans Human feet have all 5 toes aligned with each other, gorilla feet have opposable large toe. Human fingers are straight whereas gorillas' are curved, humans have proportionally longer thumbs than gorillas. Size of rib cage - much large in gorillas than in humans.

Why you should eat like a wild gorilla?

Eating more plant-based foods is healthier than eating primarily meat according to a Harvard study. Why You Should Eat Like a Wild Gorilla. Other evidence that humans can thrive better with a more plant-based diet is our lack of uricase. Uricase helps break down uric acid which is a by-product of eating meat.

What are the traits of a gorilla?

Gorillas have larger muscles in their arms than in their legs (the opposite is true for humans). This is primarily due to the fact that they use their increased arm strength for bending and gathering foliage and for defense.

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