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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gorilla trades a good service?

The Gorilla is a great service to people who have no time to research and find the right stocks, he tells you when to get in and when to get out, WHAT BETTER THAN THAT! Gorilla Trades has been a very wise choice for my portfolio over the last 5 years.

How many stocks does gorilla trades pick from July through August?

Some have mistakenly assumed that these 38 “active” stocks are the only ones that were picked by Gorilla Trades from July through August, an erroneous assumption that substantially enhances the Gorilla Trades performance.

What is the biggest red flag you have seen with Gorilla trades?

To me, the biggest red flag is the Bloomberg article that stated that Gorilla Trades is “performing far worse than the stock market as a whole.” Thanks for reading. And thanks to Ken Berman reaching out to TradingSchools.Org to present his “side of the story” and explain the lack of FINRA information.

Is Gorilla trades like a monkey throwing darts at a dart board?

(Most likely a monkey throwing darts at a dart board.) -George However, probably the most damaging publicly available complaint came directly from acclaimed columnist Ben Steverman, at Bloomberg. In Ben’s article, he absolutely lambasted Gorilla Trades and declared that Gorilla Trades “performed far worse than the stock market as a whole.”

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