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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate my grade in college?

Call your college's student help desk to find out the specific grade scale. Multiply each numeric grade by the number of credit for the class. This will calculate the number of quality points obtained from the course. For an "F," you will usually have no quality points assessed for that class.

How do you calculate a weighted grade average?

Take the following steps to calculate weighted grade point average: List all classes, grades, and number of credits for each. Determine the number of grade points for each class using the weighted grade scale. Multiply the number of credits by the number of grade points for each class. Divide this number by the total number of credits.

What do colleges consider weighted GPA?

Key Takeaways: Weighted GPA A weighted GPA gives bonus points for challenging college-preparatory classes such as AP, IB, and Honors. Weighted GPAs are used by high schools so that students won't be rewarded with a high class rank by taking easy courses. Highly selective colleges will often consider unweighted grades, not weighted ones.

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