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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grading scale for Ohio?

Grading scales used in public schools within the state of Ohio vary from district to district. Some schools use a ten point scale, meaning 90-1000 would be an “A.” Others use a seven point scale, meaning 93-100 is an “A.” Still others use eight and even six point grading scales.

What is a 8 point grading scale?

8 Point Grading Scale. All assessments will be graded using the 8-point grading scale, with each separate learning target receiving a score of 0-8. (30%) Formative Assessments: Practice and Participation - This includes homework, class work, etc. Students will receive homework about two to three times a week.

What is traditional grading scale?

The traditional grading scale is limited because it does not show what a student is learning or what they should be learning. It provides no explanation for why or how a student ended up with a particular grade. The traditional grading scale leads to hours of subjective grading and fosters a testing culture.

How do you calculate grade average?

To calculate an average grade, first add up all the individual grades, then divide by the total number of grades. Letter grades or percentage grades can be converted to the 4.0 scale to find the grade point average, or GPA.

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