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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grading process?

Grading is the procedure of categorization of products into dissimilar groups, on the source of some of its significant characteristics such as quality, size, etc. Products of diverse qualities should be divided into groups or lots and related quality products are put into a grade.

What is agricultural produce (grading and marking) Act?

Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act empowers the Central Government to prescribe grade standards for agricultural commodities and livestock products and stipulated conditions governing the use of grade standards and laying down the procedure for grading.

What is standardization and grading in agriculture?

Standardization and grading are the first steps in the value-chains of an agricultural produce as it travels in a market channel to the consumer. Price of a produce has to be commensurate with quality, the assessment of which depends on a responsive system of grading and standardization.

What is grading in agrigrading?

Grading is mainly needed for products which are not produced according to predetermined specifications, such as in the case of farming products, say wheat, oranges, etc. Grading ensures that goods belong to an exacting feature and helps in realizing higher prices for high-quality output.

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