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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon?

One person was killed and others suffered injuries following a motorboat accident on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon National Park, officials said. Shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday, a motorboat traveling down the Bedrock Rapid on the Colorado River flipped over, the Grand Canyon National Park tweeted .

What happened at Mile 56 of the Colorado River?

- On April 26, 2021 at approximately 11:00 a.m. MST, the Grand Canyon Regional Communications Center received a satellite phone report of a boating accident on the Colorado River near Kwagunt Rapid at river mile 56. A commercial river trip requested assistance with an overturned motorboat and reported boater injuries.

Who was on the raft that overturned in the Grand Canyon?

The woman and the injured rafters were airlifted out of the Grand Canyon later Tuesday. Thomas and Dillon also declined to name the operator of the commercial trip and it was unclear how many people were on the raft that overturned.

What happened at Grand Canyon search and rescue?

Grand Canyon Search and Rescue sent two paramedics to the scene to assess and treat patients. Active monsoonal weather in the area limited access to the scene for overnight search and rescue operations. Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) helicopter from the area. Four additional patients

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