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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find SEC on a calculator?

In order to calculate the sec value on the calculator, just enter the angle and select the angle type as degrees (°) or radians (rad) from the drop down select menu. The calculator will instantly gives you in the result of the secant value.

How to cheat using a graphing calculator?

The other way to cheat is to write down the information that you need on a small piece of paper. After this, tape it to the inside of your graphing calculator on the shell. If a teacher comes by, simply put the calculator on top of the shell and it's hidden!

What is csc x in math?

In calculus, the derivative of csc(x) is –csc(x)cot(x). This means that at any value of x, the rate of change or slope of csc(x) is –csc(x)cot(x). For more on this see Derivatives of trigonometric functions together with the derivatives of other trig functions. See also the Calculus Table of Contents.

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